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This summer, the National Center has two interns. We hope you enjoy meeting Brittany Robles – and learning about her in her own words. Enjoy!

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Brittany Robles and I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. I am an enrolled tribal member of the Eastern Navajo Nation. Currently, I am a junior in the Business Administration program at a premier tribal college, (SKC) Salish Kootenai College in Pablo, Montana. I have learned various skills in Marketing, Sales, and Leadership roles while obtaining my A.A in Business Management.

2. What made you interested in interning for the National Center?

I have strived to develop as much knowledge and insight as I can into non-profits. After learning more about what the National Center does, I became excited about interning here and the work the organization does for Native American businesses. Not only that, but simply having the opportunity to expand my experience with a non-profit was of tremendous interest to me.

3. What’s been your favorite part of the internship?

I have just started here, so I’m sure there will be much that will highlight my experience. But so far, the organization’s willingness to assist and broaden my knowledge of specific fields of interest is an example of great leadership. It shows that they care for the younger generation/youth and that they’re truly invested in helping us get the most out of this internship. Also, witnessing co-workers showcase their professional skills, and getting asked to be involved with their projects has been rewarding.

4. How do you hope to use the internship in your studies and career path?

My goal is to pursue graduate studies in Global Management at (ASU) Arizona State University and work with various Indian communities. Working with NCAIED will allow me to have insights into working with several tribal communities, while providing me with an experiential learning opportunity to test my abilities in projects and various tasks, and develop career possibilities. It is beneficial for me to utilize these real-world experiences for my Global Management program.

5. Do you have any advice for fellow students who have an interest in economic development or work in Indian Country more broadly?

In any work environment, the key to a successful organization is communication. The National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development has provided a great communications structure. When going into economic development, I advise developing skill sets in planning, organizing, and designing. A lot of networking comes along with economic development, so be ready to meet and work with as many people as you can.

6. When you’re not in school or interning, where’s the most likely place we can find you? What are your hobbies, interests, etc?

If I’m not in school or interning, I like being outdoors and either fishing or hiking. However, my current interests are designing decals and stickers of various shapes of tribal reservations. Creating a source of recognition for tribal nations is incredibly satisfying.