Spotlight on our Frontline Suppliers: B&B Health Services, LLC

B&B Health Services, LLC is a Native American-Service Disabled Veteran Owned small business based in Pulaski Tennessee. B&B Health Services already specialized in durable medical equipment (DME), but quickly shifted its focus to PPE after COVID-19 spread across the U.S. We recently asked Lee Owen, B&B Health Services’ Director of Sales, a few questions about the transition and new focus of the company.

We hope you enjoy learning about B&B Health Services and its product lines.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your business (location, tribal affiliation, type of work, professional background, etc.).

B&B Health Services, LLC is a Native American Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business and has been in business for 14 years. We are based in Pulaski, TN. Jonathan Berryhill is the CEO and is 25% Native American with the Echota Cherokee Tribe. B&B Health Services specialize in all DME (Durable Medical Equipment), mostly in the orthopedic and spine fields. We also have a full line of personal protective equipment (PPE).

2. You recently shifted your focus to producing PPE for COVID-19 response. What prompted that change? Was it a tough decision to make?

Yes, we shifted our focus to PPE since the majority of B&B’s products are for surgical and/or injured patients. Since the pandemic, surgery came to a halt and people were not getting injured as much, since everyone was on quarantine. A United States-based company that we’ve worked with approached us about selling its line of PPE. PPE has never been a product line that anyone has “sold” since it’s been a commodity. However, due to the pandemic, the supply/demand issue and illegitimate companies that surfaced, everyone was having difficulty finding a reliable source for PPE. So, B&B made the decision to focus primarily on PPE with our trusted manufacturer to provide high-quality products at fair market value prices in order to get anyone and everyone what they need. It was not tough decision since B&B focuses on bringing high quality products and customer service to patients, all government entities, hospitals, etc.

3. How difficult was it to make such a significant change in your business plan in such a tough time? What were your biggest surprises?

It was not difficult at all since we have been in business for 14 years and have a solid reputation and extensive experience in the medical field. Our office staff and representatives around the country are highly trained to work in this field. The biggest surprise with this shift has been how fast this moving target is. There has been such a high demand that it’s difficult to keep inventory because buyers are purchasing it so quickly and in large quantities. However, B&B was able to adapt by securing a top manufacturer and setting up a logistics operation that has not seen any hurdles.

4. How long do you anticipate producing PPE? Are you still able to focus on your main product line too?

Our manufacturer is based in the United States and makes a high-quality product that we intend to have available for ALL of our customers, private or Government, for the foreseeable future. We are able to focus on all of B&B’s other product lines, due to our staff and representatives being highly trained to handle the work load.

5. COVID-19 has been devastating to many Native American communities. Why is it important for all of us to work together to combat and recover from COVID-19?

One of B&B’s main focus is to provide quality products to ALL individual patients, entities and businesses. This particular COVID-19 pandemic has put everyone “in this together,” literally. So, we will continue to provide ALL of our products for anyone needing them.

6. Where and how can our readers purchase your products?

B&B Health Services has several ways you can purchase products. Go to and place an order through our online store. You can also send an email to or and list what products and quantities you would like. And you can always call our office at 256-230-2321 to place order.

7. Anything else you want to add?

Please visit to see the list of all of our other products available, as far as DME bracing and any pain relief products. We are excited to work with tribes and others throughout Indian Country to meet your product needs!

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