NEI Hawaii Day 1

Native Edge Institute – Honolulu, Hawaii

Developing and Leveraging: The Plan to Successful Partnerships

Virtual, One Day Business Training for All Minority Owned Small Business Owners

NEI Hawaii will take place over two days and feature exclusive business development training during each session. Attendees have the option to attend one day, or both, completely free of charge.

NEI Hawaii will cover topics including economic resilience opportunities, access to capital, federal program and procurement coaching, innovative leadership, and more!


Tuesday, September 14, 2021 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM PST


11:30 AM: Welcome Remarks


  • Chad Marchand, Vice-President, NCAIED


11:30 AM: Hawaii’s Non-Profit Work in Hawaii’s Economy


The work of local nonprofit organizations impacts the quality of life for everyone in Hawaii. Recognizing the essential role, they play in the economy and health of our community, Hawaii Community Foundation, HCF is committed to sharing knowledge about the nonprofit sector and strengthening nonprofit organizations through grants and training. 

  • Michelle Kauhane, Sr. Vice-President, Community Grants & Initiatives Hawaii Community Foundation


12:02 AM: Small Business Owner Tips to Success


Food trucks are more popular today than ever before. You’ve likely seen them at festivals, or other special events. In addition, since the COVID-19 pandemic began, many patrons opt for grabbing meals from food trucks instead of visiting restaurants. If you’re intrigued by the idea of running a food truck or already own one and want to learn more hear from one of Hawaii’s upcoming, local small business owners. 

  • Lokahi Cuban, Hawaii’s Only Food Truck


12:44 AM – 1:43 PM: Buying and Selling in the Seafood Industry


The Hawaii Seafood Council supports responsible fisheries and sustainable seafood in Hawaii for future generations through consumer education, outreach, and research. They believe that marine fisheries, fishing and seafood are essential to Hawaii’s unique culture, food traditions, diversified economy, food security and healthy lifestyle.

  • John Kaneko, Program Manager, Hawaii Seafood Council
  • Charales Kaaiai, Retired, Western Pacific Fishery Management Council