NEI Hawaii Day 2

Native Edge Institute – Honolulu, Hawaii


Developing and Leveraging: The Plan to Successful Partnerships

Virtual, One Day Business Training for All Minority Owned Small Business Owners

NEI Hawaii will take place over two days and feature exclusive business development training during each session. Attendees have the option to attend one day, or both, completely free of charge.


NEI Hawaii will cover topics including economic resilience opportunities, access to capital, federal program and procurement coaching, innovative leadership, and more!


Wednesday September 15, 2021 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM PST

11:30 AM: Welcome Remarks

  • Moderator, Yvette Fielder, Program Manager, NCAIED
  • Chad Marchand, Vice-President, NCAIED
  • Daphne Tong-Pave, Executive Director, Native Hawaiian Organization Association


11:35 AM: The Plan to Government Contracting

This session will cover small business federal contracting, provide updates, new rules & regulations, and train nascent federal contractors regarding the benefits of participating in various small business contracting and set-aside programs. We will review eligibility criteria, affiliation concerns, program benefits, and discussions on how to maintain eligibility. Small Business Contracting Programs to be discussed and how to leverage the Native Hawaiian Organizations certification to successfully support the Islands small businesses and communities.

  • John Shoraka, GovContractPros
  • In person Audience:
    • Raymond Jardine, Kinaole Foundation
    • Mike Rawlins, Hui o Hana Pono
    • Tautua Reed, Kinaole Foundation
    • Stephanie Hutch, Kekoa Foundation
    • Shannon Edie, NHOA


1:00 PM: Video roundtables/interviews of Native Hawaiian Organizations, Hawaiian Small Businesses

  • Tautua Reed, Kinaole Foundation
  • Stephanie Hutch, Kekoa Foundation


1:10 PM: Small Business Owner Tips to Success

To stay ahead of the curve, you can position your startup to provide unique items from rising stars in the fashion world, giving your customers tomorrow’s fashions today while positioning your business in unique settings.


  • Alana Penaroza, Owner of Tag Aloha Co.


1:30 PM: Small Business Owner Tips to Success

Starting a honey business will require you to properly plan and prepare before starting any operation. You will need adequate resources to buy the materials and equipment you will need. Learn from one small business and owner on just how he did that.


  • Yuki Uzuhashi, Owner of Manoa Honey