FAQ For The Northwest Enterprise Development Conference

Why should you attend the Northwest Enterprise Development Conference? Check out the below FAQ to learn more about the conference! If you have questions, feel free to call (480) 545-1298 or email info@ncaied.org.

Q: Who will be at the Northwest Enterprise Development Conference?

A: Tribal leaders, entrepreneurs, leaders from corporate America, Federal and State officials, subject matter experts, and many more. The informative sessions are obviously a real draw, but the connections you make through networking events are almost as important. Over the years, millions in contracts and employment opportunities are the direct result of the connections made at our events.

Q: I’m a tribal member interested in starting my own business. What does the conference offer to me?

A: The Northwest Enterprise Development Conference will offer sessions covering some of the basics of what you need to start a business –leadership and management, and economic development, with topics such as technology, innovation, marketing, business planning, customer service, and e-commerce. This is in addition to the other sessions on specific business subjects. But again, some of the benefits are indirect. Meeting and learning from those who have “walked the walked” will prove invaluable to your career path. The conference fee does include 7 meals and nightly events.

Q: I’m looking for a job, or thinking about my next career move. What can I expect at the conference?

A: For job seekers, and particularly for young adult job seekers, the conference will host sessions on human capital and career development to improve interview skills, resume and cover letter development, and enhance your professional online presence.

Q: Why a Northwest Regional Conference? Why not another RES?

A: We wanted to really focus on the economy of the Pacific NW. There are hundreds of tribes based from Alaska to Idaho, and many of them are economic drivers and leaders, not only in their communities but across the country. Our hope is to highlight the unique economy of the Northwest – from fishing, to agriculture, technology, and the environment. In short, we’re taking the best of RES and focusing it on a region.

Q: Who should attend YES!? For what age groups is it designed?

A: YES! is designed for young adults – primarily those in college of a few years out of school – who are interested in or are beginning careers in business. High school students on the cusp of entering college should also attend. We will have informative programming and speakers, and our goal is to inspire future native entrepreneurs and leaders.

Q: Who are some of the sponsors/partners for conference?

A: In addition to hosting the event, we are proud to work with the Tulalip Tribes to ensure a successful event. The Lummi Commercial Company is also a presenting sponsor. They are ensuring that this is a truly reflective and effective event for Pacific NW tribes. UNITY is also helping with YES!. One of the National Center’s goals is to work together and partner with other Native organizations. The NW Enterprise Development Conference does just that. Other sponsors are: Lockheed Martin, Wholetrees, AMERIND Risk, IBM and many more.

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