Native Company Utilizes the National Center to Gain Success

The NCAIED mission statement is to “develop and expand an American Indian private sector which employs Indian labor, increases the number of viable tribal and individual Indian businesses, and positively impacts and involves reservation communities, by establishing business relationships between Indian enterprises and private industry.”  This mission statement and the work of NCAIED is most appropriately exemplified by the assistance provided to NativeVet Materiel LLC, a new Native American-owned medical supplier based in Albuquerque, NM, which  has utilized two NCAIED components to place this new company in a very advantageous marketing position.

NativeVet Materiel LLC is a Native American-owned provider of products and supplies supporting facility maintenance, repair & operations, and medical needs.  Timothy Chavez, Pueblo of Acoma, is the owner and CEO of this business venture.  This company has formed strategic alliances with powerhouse suppliers in the facilities and medical industries, including Grainger, Aesculap, Anixter, GOJO and B. Braun Medical.  It has utilized the NCAIED Reservation Economic Summit 2013 and the American Indian PTAC to develop critical business relationships in this highly competitive industry.

It was at Reservation Economic Summit 2013 that Mr. Chavez networked with Jonathan Ferguson, Small Business Specialist, US Department of Health and Human Services.  After an in-depth presentation, Mr. Ferguson invited Mr. Chavez, along with four other companies nationwide, to participate in a special presentation and meeting with Indian Health Service agency directors in Washington, DC.  “This opportunity with IHS opened the networking floodgates and helped me understand, at a very high level, what IHS needs from its suppliers,” Mr. Chavez stated.

On April 2, 2013, NativeVet attended the 3rd Annual Navajo Nation Business Opportunity Day in Window Rock, AZ.  This event is sponsored by NCAIED American Indian PTAC based in Window Rock.  Through the efforts of NACIED Program Manager George Williams and Procurement Specialists Cyndi Jarvison and Timothy Armijo, Mr. Chavez was introduced and met with the Navajo Nation Housing Authority and the Indian Health Service in Gallup, NM.  “This event fostered relationship development with potential buyers.  It afforded me the opportunity to introduce my new business, network with interested people, and ultimately set up follow-up meetings whereby I could explain the value and benefits in working with NativeVet,” Mr. Chavez said.

Taking the initiative, opportunistic marketing and utilizing NCAIED programs appears to be paying off for this new company.  “We are days away from making our first sale,” said Mr. Chavez.  “I knew going into this that business takes time to grow.  The majority of the past four months has been spent educating buyers about NativeVet.  I extend my appreciation to the NCAIED for providing the business environment and business services that helps Native-owned businesses grow and succeed.”

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