Apache Fire & Firewood

The National Center’s Teaming Alliance is a program focused on helping you get your business up and going.  Here’s a recent example of how we’ve helped make one small business more successful:

Apache Fire Warriors LLC is a small company formed by Mr. Clyde Campbell from the White Mountain Apache Reservation.  This company is focused on hazardous fuel reduction for forest management throughout the western U.S.A.  Clyde approached the NCTA to assist him in applying for a federal contract.

The staff of NCTA provided him with office space to spread out his paperwork and delve into the complex process of a federal solicitation.  The staff reviewed all of the requirements for the solicitation and together was able to put together a required bid for his company.  In addition to hazardous fuel reduction, Apache Fire Warriors LLC is also involved in wildland firefighting throughout the western states.   Clyde has five years of experience with other enterprises before striking out on his own.  Forming his own company has been daunting however Clyde is determined to succeed in developing his own small business.

In addition, Apache Fire Warriors LLC is negotiating a partnership with another company to sell firewood products for local businesses.  The NCTA provided him guidance in a straightforward partnership.

NCTA staff has made themselves available to provide what assistance they can to help the success of Apache Fire Warrior.  To find out more visit or call 480-545-1298

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